Drying out the curing camber, dehumidification

This is one of the most disskussed theme on all the forum i have visited.

How too dehumidify the curing camnber?

It’s not so complicated as its look like. First of all don’t use any dehumidifyer or som kind of salt to take care of the moisture!! A dehumidifyer dont help you when the temperature is below 15’C and salt is useless, it would bee saturated immediate. What you shall think about is dew point!

What is dew point? Here you can read abaout dew point.

What you havbe to do is mounting a small heater source lokaly inside the curing camber e.g a lizard lamp for aquarium, like this

The controller for humidifying DHC-100+ can humidify and dehumidify. The wiring diagram se this article.

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