How to dehumidificate the curing camber

I shall in this issue describe how the dehumidification process works and how you can install it in the curing camber.
How to increase or decrease the temp is easy, how to increase the humidity is also easy, but how to dehumify is the tricky part. Many have tried with dehumidifiers or salt. All to decrease the humidity. This will not work! First a dehumidifier vill not go in a so small camber. Even if there is small dehumidifiers to buy so will they work to slowly. Salt will be saturated immediately. No the solution is to use a small heater that will dry the curing camber.


This is my solution for the problem. Use a computerfan and a ceramic reptile heater.

You can buy the reptile heater on your local zoo store ore ebay, amazon. The computer fan you maybe can get from a old computer. Bevare of your current 110 ore 220V there is different lamps. There is more important saftey rules, you must take care for heat from the heatbulb this means that you have to use a ceramic lampholder and no burning material next to the heater. All wiring is your own responsebility, if you not know how to do dont do this!

The fan have the current 12V and i use and old computer power source.

I will here show whats happening in the curingcamber:


I use a regulator that will increase ore decrease the humidity. This is pictures from ebay. They have different for 110 and 220V!

Here is more pictures from my installation in the curingcamber:

Here is a video how my cambers works:

3 reaktioner till “How to dehumidificate the curing camber”

  1. i don’t understand how the heater removed the humidity. Can you explain please? My logic says, that if the refrigerator is sealed, then the moisture in the air will not leave just by heating it.


  2. It longsam heat thge camber. Then the cooling starting and the therebuy the condensing on th cooling element. BUT i shouldnt do like this today, ishould have a fan instead. Then the fan should ”dehumidify” the fridge.




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